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How do I use the AIX Fileset Deployment Wizard?

Technote (troubleshooting)


The following describes using the AIX Fileset Deployment Wizard found in the Patches for AIX site under Wizards.

Resolving the problem

To deploy an AIX fileset update using the AIX Fileset Deployment Wizard, you must first obtain the desired packages. To download fileset updates from the IBM website, go to:

Under "Specific fixes", select the link for the targeted operating system (AIX 6.1, 5.3, 5.2, or 5.1).

Search for fixes by PTF number, APAR number or by fileset name. Add the desired fileset(s) to your download list and click 'Continue'.

On the 'Packaging Options' page, select the 'Include prerequisites and corequisites' and 'Include ifrequisites' options. This will ensure that all required filesets will be added to the download list.

Select the appropriate oslevel from the drop-down menu. If you are unsure of the oslevel, or have computers at varying oslevels, select the minimum oslevel.

Add "lslpp -Lc" output (optional) to build a custom fix package tailored to your AIX systems.

Click 'Continue' and download all filesets in the download list. If there is only one fileset, you can supply the URL to the AIX Fileset Deployment Wizard directly.

1. After you have obtained all of the filesets for your AIX update, run the AIX Fileset Deployment Wizard from the TEM Console to create a custom Task or Fixlet message.

2. Select either a Fileset or a Package.

3. For a Fileset you have several options including 'Download from URL', 'File', and 'Folder'. Make your selection and choose Next. You will then select your OS platform and any custom relevancy. Select Finish to complete.

4. For a Package browse to the package (e.g. 5300-07-00-0747.aix) on the local disk. Select Finish to complete.

Note: Using either Fileset or Package options will allow you the option to 'Create a one-time action' or 'Create a Preview Action' for testing.

After completion, the generated one-time action or Fixlet message will appear in the TEM Console and will allow you to deploy the AIX update to relevant computers.

To view detailed information regarding the results of deploying your AIX Fileset update, activate the Analysis "AIX Custom Fileset Deployment Results" (Analysis ID: 22).

To view detailed information regarding the results of deploying your AIX package update, activate the Analysis "AIX Package Deployment Results - TL/SP/CSP" (Analysis ID: 27).

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