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What is a Dynamic Setting Client Setting?

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Dynamic settings are TEM Client settings that change values automatically based upon a relevancy expression.

Resolving the problem

A setting for a TEM Client has to be single valued but often times it is useful if a setting value changes to adjust to some changing conditions. For example, the lock state of a TEM Client is controlled through the '__LockState' setting and using a dynamic setting you could have a TEM Client to be locked during some hours of the day and unlocked during other parts of the day. Alternatively, the TEM Client could lock itself if it is using the Main TEM Server as a TEM Relay and unlock itself once it finds any other TEM Relay. Dynamic settings are created like normal settings except that the value of the setting includes a relevance expression contained by brackets, {<relevance expression>}. The TEM Client will periodically evaluate the relevance expression and set the setting value to be the result of evaluating the relevance expression. If the result of the relevance expression changes then setting value will change.

Warning:TEM will allow you to enter dynamic settings through the edit computer settings dialog in the TEM Console.

Here is an example of using dynamic settings to create a patch window where the TEM Client will unlock itself between 4pm and 8pm. The TEM Client should be locked outside of this window.

Setting __LockState = "{if ((first 2 of following text of position 17 of (now as string) as integer) <20 and (first 2 of following text of position 17 of (now as string) as integer) > 16) then "false" else "true"}"

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