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Why BigFix Client service does not start?

Technote (troubleshooting)


Client does not start after installing due to the masthead not correctly added to the BigFix MSI installer.


You will receive an error message if your masthead is not correctly added to the BigFix Client MSI installer.


9.2.6 Client MSI installer from BES Installers folder does not include the masthead.afxm.
It causes the client to do not start after the installation, until the actionsite.afxm is manually copied under %PROGRAM FILES%\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client


Running the BES Installation Generator upgrade silently is known to cause the BigFix Client MSI not to contain the masthead. The BigFix Client software will install correctly without the masthead. However, after installation, the BigFix Client will not know what to do without the masthead so it will simply shut down.

Resolving the problem

You can add the masthead to the BigFix Client MSI by running the BES Installation Generator installer non-silently. Alternatively, you can add the masthead manually using these steps:

1. Download BESClientSetupMSI.exe onto the BigFix Server. You can download the the BESClientSetupMSI.exe here
2. Locate the current copy of your actionsite masthead file. This is the file "masthead.afxm" in the non-MSI BigFix Client installation folder (example: C:\BESInstallers\Client\masthead.afxm).
3. From the command line run BESClientSetupMSI.exe and give it the masthead.afxm file as its first argument and the BESClientMSI.msi as the second argument.

>BESClientSetupMSI.exe "C:\BESInstallers\Client\masthead.afxm" "C:\BESInstallers\ClientMSI\BESClientMSI.msi"

Optional argument /silent:
>BESClientSetupMSI.exe "C:\BESInstallers\Client\masthead.afxm" "C:\BESInstallers\ClientMSI\BESClientMSI.msi" /silent

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