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Resetting Console Operator passwords.

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Is there a way to reset a console operator's password in versions of TEM less than 8.2?


Note: These steps are for versions of TEM less than 8.2.

If you can create a backup of the TEM Console Operator's private keys and record the password they had initially then the TEM Console Operator can go back to using the default password on the initial set of credentials. On the non backup set of credentials, the TEM Console Operator can change their password without affecting the password used on the backup copy.

Here is an outline for a simple backup recovery policy.

  1. Create new TEM Console Operators using TEM Administrator and use a single default password for all users or create a secure record of the passwords used to create each Console Operator.
  2. When the new TEM Console Operator's private key files are created, save a copy of them in a secure data store before giving a separate copy to the TEM Console Operator.
  3. Have all TEM Console Operators change their passwords after logging into the TEM Console the first time so they are not using the default password during normal operator. The password change will only be put onto the key files currently being used and the backup copy will still be using the default password.
  4. When TEM Console Operators forget their passwords, have them delete their current set of key files and give them a fresh copy of the backup key files and use the default password. Have the user change their password after initial login again.

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