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TEM Console unable to connect properly when attempting to send actions.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Unable to send to socket during POST operation.

Resolving the problem

This error is caused by a loss of connectivity or time-out on the TEM Server. When the TEM Console is attempting to send the actions to the TEM Server, it is unable to connect properly and send the info.

To solve this issue, check the TEM Server computer and ensure it has not lost network connectivity. Run the TEM Diagnostics utility to see if there are any problems on the TEM Server.

Another possible cause for this error message is if your action site becomes too large (around 16MB is the maximum). Your action site consists of all the files in the latest action site folder. The default installation location your action site folder will be here: C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfsites\actionsite_<site number>.
<site number> will be the current version of the action site and the latest actionsite version will have the highest number.

If this folder is more then 16MB it may be causing the problem. In the folder will be action files (action <action number>.fxf) and each action file corresponds to some action in the TEM Console identified by <action number>. These action files should be small, around 5-20K. If you have action files that are larger than this it is likely they are causing the problem. You can take a look at the action number of the file and reference them to the actions in the TEM Console to learn more about what might cause the large action file size.

Here are a some possibilities:

  • Targeting a large number of machines, like 1000 or more, using the "Specific computers in the list below" option. Specifically, look for actions which target all computers using this option rather than targeting all computers using retrieved properties.
  • Targeting machines using a retrieved property that has a relevance expression which is large itself (>5K). The "Location by Subnet" retrieved property can often be very large when there are a large number of subnets.

To resolve this problem, stop all actions which have a corresponding large action file size. You must also stop the action which finally caused the actionsite to be too large. So, you should stop all actions with large action files and your most recently deployed actions. If you do not stop all of these actions you will receive another "POST" type failure message.

To prevent this problem from reoccurring, determine what in your actions caused the large action file size and avoid targeting computers by that method.

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