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Forgotten or lost BigFix Passwords

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What do I do if I forget my passwords?


If you have lost or forgotten certain passwords and need to reset them:

  • Site credentials password -- If you lose the site credential files or password, you will need to generate another set of site credentials and do a complete reinstall of the BigFix system.
  • BigFix Console operator password -- If you lose the publisher credential files or password, you will need to create a replacement set of publisher credentials using the BES Admin Tool.
  • BigFix Web Reports login -- If you lose your web reports login and cannot get access to web reports, you can follow one of these two methods:
  • These steps will clear all the Web Reports logins, and then create a new web reports administrator account to recover access:
  1. Open a command prompt on the BigFix Server computer that is running the web reports database (you need to be logged in as an administrator on the computer).
  2. Type 'osql -E' at the command line to log into the database.
  3. Type 'use BESReporting' at the '1>' prompt to access the Web Reports database.
  4. Type 'go' to execute the previous action.
  5. Type 'select * from USERS' to see the users in the database (the password is stored as a one-way hash of the password you type into to BES).
  6. Type 'go' to execute the previous action.
  7. Type 'delete from USERS' to clear the USER table.
  8. Type 'go' to execute the previous action (note that this will clear all of the web reports users).
  9. Open the web reports web page again to recreate a username/password
    • You can also run the query below to insert an administrator web reports user into the database. The user/password will be "bigfix/bigfix".
        insert into users values ('bigfix', 'gwCOEwCUD1ntCnCBwRDV+VzdvvM', 1, 1, NULL)
Run the following query on the BESReporting database to create a new user

-- Run all lines together to ensure the same @ID value is used in all inserts.
declare @id int
insert into USER_NAMES ( LoginName, DisplayName, IsADUser ) values ( 'bigfix', 'bigfix', 0 )
set @id = (select UserID from user_names where LoginName = 'bigfix')
insert into USERS ( UserID, LoginName, PasswordHash, PasswordSalt ) values ( @id, 'bigfix', 'gwCOEwCUD1ntCnCBwRDV+VzdvvM', '1' )
insert into ROLE_USER_ASSIGNMENTS ( UserID, RoleID ) values ( @id, 1 )

For more information on losing passwords, please visit:
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