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Manually installing the Web Reports database

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How do I manually set up the Web Reports database?


The TEM Server Installer runs an executable to set up your Web Reports database. The executable is saved on your BES Server machine by default at
C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESReportsData\InitializeBESReportsDB.exe

To set up the Web Reports database manually, do the following:

  • If you are running the TEM Server with the TEM Root Server, run InitializeBESReportsDB.exe with the following command line arguments:
    InitializeBESReportsDB.exe BESReporting enterprise_setup http://localhost/cgi-bin/besreports/BESReports.exe.
  • If you are running the TEM Server with IIS:
    InitializeBESReportsDB.exe BESReporting enterprise_setup http://localhost/cgi-bin/besreports/BESReports.exe COMPUTER_NAME\iusr_computer_name
    where COMPUTER_NAME\iusr_computer_name is the account name of your IIS IUSR account.

Note: Prior to TEM 6.0 the syntax of the InitializeBESReportsDB.exe did not include the database name in the parameters (e.g. "BESReporting" in the above command lines).

Note: If you encounter the following error when trying to start Web Reports:
TEMReporting database is too old to use with this version of WebReports. Please upgrade your TEMReporting database or configure the LocalTEMReportingServer DSN to a valid database.
you should run the InitializeBESReportsDB.exe to upgrade the TEMReporting database.

If you are using a remote database, please see the following KB article:

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