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How can I resolve InstallShield error -1607 and error -1603?

Technote (troubleshooting)


This error is given by the InstallShield software that BigFix uses as an installation package. This error likely indicates that there is a problem not only with the BigFix installers, but also other applications that use the same version of InstallShield.

Resolving the problem

Check Task Manager. Do you see multiple instances of the InstallShield installer running in Task Manager? These tasks in the task manager would look like:

-- msiexec.exe
-- IDriver.exe
-- IDriverT.exe
-- instalerT

If Task Manager sees multiple installations of software, you should stop all these processes and try to install again. Most installation software will not tolerate installing multiple installations at the same time.

To get a more descriptive error message, run the installscript installation engine manually and see if it gives an error.

For more information on how to resolve this issue, please follow the instructions on the InstallShield KB at

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