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Steps to change the amount of CPU used by TEM Client

Technote (troubleshooting)


Check the CPU use of the TEM Client by the "TEM Client Setting: CPU Usage" task on the TEM Support Fixlet site.

Resolving the problem

You can control the CPU use of the TEM Client with the Task "TEM Client Setting: CPU Usage" on the TEM Support Fixlet site.

The Task will set the following two configuration settings(

  1. _BESClient_Resource_WorkIdle
  2. _BESClient_Resource_SleepIdle

The TEM Client will do work (evaluate relevance) for a designated amount of time then go to sleep for a designated amount of time. The WorkIdle setting controls how many milliseconds to work before going to sleep in each cycle and the SleepIdle setting controls how many milliseconds to sleep after performing work in cycle. If the WorkIdle setting is high in comparison to the SleepIdle setting, then the TEM Client will evaluate Fixlet relevance faster, but the CPU usage will be higher. By default WorkIdle is 10 milliseconds and SleepIdle is 480 Milliseconds. 10 is 2% of 480 so you can expect the TEM Client to use at most 2% of the CPU. Both WorkIdle and SleepIdle have maximum values of 500.

To determine the upperbound on the amount of CPU the agent will use with your custom settings, use the formula:
max agent %CPU = workidle / (workidle + sleepidle)
Example (default settings):
10 / (10 + 480) = 2%

Note that in practice, the CPU usage is lower than this ratio (because the agent will often be waiting for IO and it will yield its CPU time).

Note that all these calculations apply to a single processor so if you have multiple processors, the overall % of agent CPU is reduced significantly.

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