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Which TEM components should I monitor to make sure that the TEM platform is working correctly?

Technote (troubleshooting)


There are several components that can be monitored to understand if TEM is working correctly.

Resolving the problem

Here are the different services and brief description for each TEM component:

TEM Server

  • TEM FillDB - Puts results from the TEM Clients into the database.
  • TEM GatherDB - Puts new Fixlet information into the database.
  • TEM Gather Service - Downloads files and new Fixlet messages from the Internet.
  • TEM Root Server - Handles all HTTP communication coming into the TEM Server.
  • TEM Web Reports Server - Provides the web reports functionality.

TEM Relay
  • TEM Relay - Handles all communications from the TEM Clients.
  • TEM Gather - Downloads files and Fixlet messages from the TEM Relay parent server.
    Note: Beginning in TEM 6.0 the TEM Gather service is incorporated into the TEM Relay service.

TEM Client
  • TEM Client - Provides all TEM Client functionality.

Note: For further information on specific tips for monitoring these services, please see the following: TEM Monitoring

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