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Changing the gather interval for a BigFix Client via the command polling client settings

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The following article describes client settings which can be enabled to increase the frequency the BigFix client checks its parent relay for newly published site content. (i.e. actions, fixlets, tasks, settings, etc)

Resolving the problem

There are various reasons to modify a BigFix Client gathering interval. The most common is that the BigFix Server/Relays are not able to send UDP messages to the BigFix Clients due to network constraints. Changing the Gather Interval will put more load on your BigFix Server/Relays so be careful when modifying this setting.

BigFix uses a polling mechanism which can be configured via the BigFix Client settings so this can be done on a client by client basis (as needed):

The following task in the BES Support site can be used to enable these settings:

  • ID 688: BES Client Setting: Enable Command Polling

To enable this setting manually, use the following:


The CommandPollEnable of value "1" will enable this mechanism and a value of "0" will disable it. The CommandPollIntervalSeconds setting determines how often the client will check with its TEM Relay for any new gathers or refreshes. It is specified in seconds, such as 14400 for every 4 hours (14,400 seconds)

Please refer to the following document for how to create a computer setting:
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Important: You should not set the actionsite gather interval less than 10 minutes otherwise the BigFix Clients may not function properly because they will constantly interrupt themselves performing other essential operations (such as executing actions) to gather the latest site content.

Note: You can also change the actionsite gather interval value in the masthead via the BESAdmin tool so that all BigFix Clients (including any BigFix Clients installed in the future) use the specified gather interval. Please note that the masthead changes the gather interval for the BigFix Client's actionsite. It does not change the gathering interval for the opsites or Fixlet content sites. To change the gather interval for all subscribed sites, use the _BESClient_Comm_CommandPollEnable setting described above.

Another reason to use these settings would be if the BigFix Clients are in the cloud, connect to a BigFix DMZ parent relay, and can not receive UDP messages from the BigFix DMZ relay.

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