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TEM Clients to use automatic relay selection at installation

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How do you force new clients to use automatic relay selection?

Resolving the problem

To create a custom setting that will automatically make this configuration please follow these steps:

  1. Right click on a computer in the computers tab of the TEM Console and select 'Edit Custom Settings...'.
  2. In the Edit Settings dialog click the 'More Options' button.
  3. On the Settings tab, check the box for 'TEM Relay Selection Method' and then select the radio option for 'Automatically Locate Best TEM Relay'.
  4. On the Target tab, select the second radio button to target computers by retrieved properties.
  5. Select a group of computers filtered by retrieved properties or leave the target on All Computers. Targeting by retrieved properties will target computers that do not have the TEM Client installed and meet the filtering requirements.
  6. On the Execution tab, unselect the 'Ends on' check box so that this action will persist and you do not have to recreate it in the future.
  7. Click the 'OK' button and type in your password to deploy the action.
These steps will create an action that never expires and tells freshly installed TEM Clients to use automatic relay selection instead of manual relay selection.

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