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What kind of Microsoft security content does IBM release in the Patches for Windows site?

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Patches for Windows Fixlet content only covers security bulletins.

Resolving the problem

IBM uses the information published by Microsoft along with a variety of other sources for each security vulnerability and patch that Microsoft publishes. Using this information, our TEM content developers write Fixlet messages to pinpoint computers that have existing security vulnerabilities. All patch deployments are verified via the registry or file properties using our relevancy language. This content includes but is not limited to Security updates release through Microsoft bulletins, service packs or update rollups associated with public security bulletins, and related publicly available hotfixes that resolve issues caused by supported security updates.

Note: Not all Microsoft Knowledge Base articles containing patches are publicly available or are supported by TEM patch security content.

Note: Patches for Windows Fixlet content only covers security bulletins and Updates for Windows Applications. Security advisories are handled differently and are generally released at a later date. We normally do not update non-security related patches, however we will review requests for Fixlets and publish them at our discretion. You can use the Windows Software Distribution Wizard to create tasks to deploy non-security patches to your endpoints.

In addition, IBM provides limited support for Windows applications as noted here.

If you would like to request additional content be added to the Fixlet contents please submit an enhancement request via the enhancement request tool here.

To determine if the patch is question is a Security Bulletin or a Security Advisory please see the following examples.

Note: Content not provided by IBM can be developed through custom content ( Fixlet Authoring), the Windows Software Distribution Wizard, or through our Professional Services Group.
For additional information please see the following article:

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