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Can I take an action one time and have it apply to new computers in the future?


Yes! Note that the following steps to select computers by property allow you to target computers using a particular property, rather than having to directly select the computer on the right hand side column in the Console.

To create an action that applies to all current computers and computers that are added in the future, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose the Fixlet message that you wish to apply.
  2. Click the action button (usually says "Click here to initiate the deployment process").
  3. On the "Target" tab of the "Action Status" dialog choose "All computers with the property values selected below".

Now whenever a TEM Client reports that particular Fixlet message relevant, the action will automatically apply.

Note: Be sure to adjust the expiration time of the action in the "Constraints" tab of the "Take Action" dialog because the default expiration time is 2 days.

It is still suggested that you add some kind of expiration date and review deployment of actions at least once a year, and not leave actions open indefinitely.

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