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IEM Diagnostics is giving me a warning that my permissions are incorrect

Technote (troubleshooting)


Error message received in the IEM Diagnostics utility of incorrect permissions. Check that the SYSTEM account has full local admin rights.

Resolving the problem

The IEM Diagnostics Tool checks to see if the SYSTEM account has permissions to each of the folders listed. If there is a red light, it might indicate that the SYSTEM account does not have full permission on this folder.

NOTE: There is a known problem with the diagnostics permission check that will sometimes inaccurately report a "red light" even if the SYSTEM account has full permissions. This problem appears to occur most often if computer is part of a domain, but a local user account is logged in.

In the case where it appears the diagnostics tool is incorrectly reporting a permissions problem, please ignore this warning. If the permissions still are not set correctly or if you have any questions please contact IBM Support

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Modified date: 11 August 2015

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