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How do I use SQL Server instead of MSDE for the TEM Server?

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Steps to install TEM with SQL Server 200x instead of MSDE or SQL 2005 Express.

Resolving the problem

To install the TEM Server with SQL Server 200x instead of MSDE or SQL 2005 Express, install SQL Server 200x on the TEM Server or on a remote server machine before you install the TEM Server, then run the TEM Server installer. The TEM Server installer will detect that SQL Server or prompt you to provide the information for the remote database server. and will automatically configure SQL Server 200x to work with the TEM Server.

Note: You will need to configure your SQL Server 200x installation to use SQL Server Authentication or NT Authentication in order for the TEM Server installation to work (this option is not set in the SQL Server 200x default installation configuration).</p>

Refer the TEM Administrator's Guide for more information about setting up the TEM Server with SQL Server 200x.

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