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How do I upgrade my license for IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM)?

Technote (troubleshooting)


The follow describes a process for extending your license, seat count, or entitlements.

Resolving the problem

You will need to upgrade your license masthead file with a new license certificate to extend your license, seat count, or entitlements.

To upgrade your license masthead:

  1. Copy the crt.txt file to the IEM server and rename it LicenseAuthorization.crt.
  2. Contact IBM IEM Licensing at, your authorized IBM reseller, or your IBM SalesRep or account manager to receive a new license certificate.
  3. After your receive your new license.crt file, save it to your IEM Server computer and open the IEM Admin Tool on the IEM Server computer by going to Start > All Programs > IBM Endpoint Manager > Tivoli Endpoint Manager Administration Tool.
  4. Choose your license.pvk file and enter your site level password.
  5. Click on the Masthead Managment tab.
  6. Click the "Activate Masthead" button.
  7. Select the license.crt file you received from IBM TEM Licensing
  8. Type in your site credentials "master password" when prompted. Click OK to send the new license information to the IEM Clients.
  9. As soon as the IEM Clients receive the new masthead, they will receive the updated license information.

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