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How can I verify that the TEM Client is running?

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The status of the TEM client (BES Client) service in Windows can be verified through Window's Task Manager.

Resolving the problem

The TEM Client runs as a Windows service. On Windows NT,Win2k,XP,Vista,2k3,2k8 machines you can verify that the TEM Client is running by either looking at the Task Manager (using CTRL-ALT-DEL) for the BESClient.exe process or by looking at the Windows Services dialog to verify that the BESClient service's status is 'Started'. On Windows 95, 98, and Me there is no built-in way to view services that are running (not even by using CTRL-ALT-DEL). However, various third party task management utilities will allow you to view all running processes (i.e., TaskInfo2002 available at

On other platforms, such as Unix, Linux, or Mac, you can use the process viewers included with the operating system to see if the TEM Client is running.

For Win2k, 2k3, 2k8 Server computers, you can run the TEM Client Diagnostics Tool available at TEM Client Diagnostics to try to diagnose TEM Client problems.

On non-Windows computers from a shell window you can execute the following command:
ps -ef | grep BESClient
or other native process management utilities.

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