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How do I remove the Bigfix Agent on my Mac endpoint?

Technote (troubleshooting)


Steps to remove the Bigfix Agent from a Mac endpoint.

Resolving the problem

Bigfix provides a DMG file that includes a script that will uninstall the Macintosh Bigfix Client. You can find the DMG file with step by step instructions here:
BigFix Unix, Linux, and Mac Clients

The original download has an uninstaller application that can be run on the client machine to remove the Bigfix Mac client.

Some administrators may have never seen the original file. They have only seen the distributable package, created by the MAC installer, in steps 4 and 5.

The original installer can be found by following the download link for the Bigfix MAC Agent. Inside the DMG file you will find 3 applications:

  • BESAgent
  • BESAgent Installer

    The application of interest is the BESAgent which can then be copied and run to remove the Bigfix Mac agent from the endpoint.

    Follow these steps to uninstall the Bigfix Client:

    1. Download the DMG file to the particular Macintosh system.
    2. Mount the file by double clicking on the DMG file
    3. In the mounted file double click the BESAgent Uninstaller which will lead you through the uninstall process.

    This only applies to Agents of 9.0 or lower
    You need to find the DMG file that matches the version that you are using. Those can be found here:

    In Version higher in the 9.0 you use sudo to run the uninstall script:

    > sudo /Library/BESAgent/

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