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How should I configure the Bigfix Client to run on an virtual server that hosts multiple images?

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Suggested configurations for your BigFix clients to reduce their resource usage requirements.

Resolving the problem

Servers running multiple virtual systems (such an ESX Server running multiple VMWare images) have less resources available for background tasks and so it is useful to decrease the resource usage of the Bigfix Agents running in the virtual computers. Decreasing the resource usage will make the Bigfix Agents run somewhat slower and respond to actions slower than Bigfix Agents running with the default resource usage settings.

Please make the following configuration changes to all Bigfix Clients running on virtual servers that host multiple images. These configurations will help to keep resource usage low for the server.

  • Use Task # 651 "BES Client Setting: Client UI Minimum Analysis Interval" in the BES Support site. Use the first option to raise the interval to the maximum value: 300 seconds.
  • Set the _BESClient_Resource_SleepNormal client setting to value 480 (Default 1).
  • Set the _BESClient_Resource_WorkNormal client setting to value 10 (Default 20).

For further information on how to set Client Settings please see the following: Configuration Settings

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Modified date: 02 December 2015