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How do I fix the error "Replication was interrupted to process server database insertions" from the Filldb.log for DSA?



The following describes a setting that can be applied to increase replication time.

Resolving The Problem

If you are using Disaster Server Architecture (DSA) and replication is failing with the error message 'Replication was interrupted to process server database insertions.' in the TEM Admin tool, you'll need to raise the maximum amount of time spent doing replication on the TEM Server that is failing.

To increase the maximum replication time, set the following registry key on the TEM Server.

UnInterruptibleReplicationSeconds (DWORD): Seconds
Default: 30

Note: You must restart the FillDB service for changes to take effect.

By raising the value, the TEM Server will spend more time performing replication each time it attempts to do so based on the replication interval. The error is caused because the TEM Server is unable to complete replication using the default value.

For larger deployments of TEM, try a value of 60-120 seconds. If you are installing a new TEM Server, you might raise the value to 300-600 seconds during the initial replication period to reduce the amount of time spent initializing the new TEM Server.

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