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How do I delete a TEM Root Server in DSA?

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you have a Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) deployment and one of the TEM Root Servers has been removed from the deployment see the following process to remove from Replication.

Resolving the problem

You can remove the DSA Server from the deployment and in BES Admin by marking it as deleted in the database. You can use the delete_replication_server procedure on the BFEnterprise database to remove a DSA Server. For example, the following query will delete a server with the name MyRootServer.

declare @serverid int
select @serverid = (select ServerID from REPLICATION_SERVERS where DNS like '%MyRootServer%' )
exec delete_replication_server @serverid

You will need to restart the BES Admin tool to update it with the changes.

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