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Altering TEM Console Cache Location

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Can I change the storage location of the TEM Console cache?


Yes, in TEM 7.0 and above you can change the location of the TEM Console local cache data with the following registry key in the HKey_Current_User branch.

[HKCU\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\Preferences]
Name: Data Directory (REG_SZ)
Value: A directory to store the cache files.
Example: D:\AppData\BES Console Cache

This REG_SZ will not exist if you have not overridden the default location.

If set correctly, you should see folders and files created in the specified directory the next time you launch the TEM Console. NOTE: The purpose of the console cache is to load quickly locally the files instead of having to pull them over the network every time. So putting the cache on a network drive will remove the speed benefit of having a local cache.

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