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Deploy the BigFix Client using the "Unmanaged Assets" Feature.

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How do I enable the Unmanaged Assets feature to deploy the BigFix Client?


When right-clicking on a computer in the Unmanaged Assets tab you will see a grayed out option to 'Install BigFix Client...' until you can give the BigFix Console access to the BigFix Client Deployment Tool. The BigFix Client Deployment Tool is not a part of the BigFix Console installer so you'll need to provide a copy to use this feature.

To install the BigFix Client Deployment Tool for the BigFix Console just drop a copy of the entire 'BESClientDeploy' folder (not simply the contents) into the BigFix Console installation folder. The 'BESClientDeploy' folder by default is located in the directory 'C:\BESInstallers\' on the BigFix Server.

If the BigFix Console was installed in the default location, you would then end up with a BESClientDeploy folder like the following:
C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\BESClientDeploy\

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