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How do I troubleshoot the error "Certificate mismatch" for the TEM Admin tool?

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Why am I receiving the error: "Certificate mismatch" "The site certificate you selected is not issued for the same public key as the current site certificate. It will not be possible to use this site certificate."?


This error occurs when the license.crt file provided by TEM licensing does not match the Private Key license.pvk file created at installation. This happens when multiple sessions of the TEM Installation generator are run and the original Private Key license.pvk is replaced or lost.

To resolve this problem find the original license.pvk. If you lose this file or your password; TEM cannot recover this information. You will need to reinstall with a completely new installation and a new License Authorization. If you have licensing problems you can send in your license.crt or masthead.afxm to, for re-authorization.

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