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HP-UX Itanium TEM Client Available

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Can I run a TEM Client on an HP-UX Itanium system?


Yes, as of TEM the TEM Client is supported on the HP-UX architecture.

The agent used is the same agent that runs on the PA-RISC architecture, but the agent will be running in "compatibilty" mode.

For installation instructions please refer to the following location:

Note: This agent on the HP-UX Itanium system will incorrectly report its CPU as PA-RISC, rather than as Itanium (bug #19265). You can detect whether the system is an Itanium box or not with the following relevance clause in an analysis or retrieved property. The analysis or retrieved property will return "ia64" for HP-UX Itanium systems: architecture of operating system

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Modified date: 22 May 2015