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Fixlets Do Not Always Have "Default Actions"

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Why do some Fixlets not have "Default Actions"?


Fixlets can have multiple actions, but often times a Fixlet has only one action or one recommended action.

To make it easy to deploy actions in groups or Baselines, the Fixlet author will optionally make a "default action".

Not all Fixlets will have default actions and here are some common reasons why a Fixlet will not have a default action:

  • The Fixlet does not have an action.
  • There are multiple actions for a Fixlet without a clear recommended action.
  • There is an important note or warning in the Fixlet body that is important to read before putting the action in Baseline or action group.
For patch Fixlet, there is usually an important note related to known issues with the patch. Please follow the link to the Security Bulletin included in the Fixlet, and review the known issues before deploying.

You have the option to create a custom copy of a Fixlet and change its default action behavior if necessary.

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