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Can I deploy a standalone Web Reports server?

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Steps to take in creating a standalone Web Reports server. The Web Reports component is installed and run on a separate server machine apart from the TEM server application.

Resolving the problem

It is possible to deploy a standalone Web Reports server. You will want to copy the BESInstallers\Server\ directory from your TEM Server to the dedicated system. From there, you will want to run the setup program.

  1. On the "Select Database" window select "Use Remote Database" and click "Next"
  2. On the "Database Server" window select the desired authentication method. Note: if you choose Windows authentication, you will need to later change the Web Reports service logon to use a Windows authenticated user logon.
  3. On the "Select Features" window unselect the "BES Server" and "BES Server Core Components" options from the options. The only option that should be selected should be "Web Reports" and press "Next"
  4. Choose the appropriate Destination Location and press "Next"
  5. Choose where the Web Reports server will have its root directory and press "Next"
  6. Press "Next" to begin the installation
  7. Specify the database login for the server components and authentication method and press "Next"
  8. Make this additional registry change on the stand-alone machine: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\Enterprise Server\Installer: Hostname={change this value to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of stand-alone server}
  9. For pre 8.2 versions, once you have started Web Reports, you will need to go to the "Database" option link and add the bfenterprise database to be aggregated. You can create a DSN to point to the appropriate SQL server and bfenterprise database. However for versions 8.2 and above, No DNS entry is needed on the Web Reports Servers. Instead the datasource added on the Web Reports settings page should point to the root server machine (exactly the same as opening a Console), which may be different than the database server.

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