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The article documents changes that have been made to DSS SAM version 1.1.1 since the September, 2009 release and steps to upgrade to take advantage of the improved changes.

Resolving the problem

The following are changes and upgrades that have been made to DSS SAM version 1.1.1 since the September, 2009 release:

  • Compressed Uploads - A new feature has been added to the scan result upload task that allows for compression of the results files. This feature creates a compressed exe index file on the Client before uploading to reduce the amount of network bandwidth and storage space used by the DSS SAM inventory tasks.
  • Dashboard Changes
    • The Status of Sick Computers chart has changed to provide additional detail.
    • The View Analyses menu now contains an Activate All Analyses capability.
  • Updated SAM Scanner - The SAM Scanner now has enhanced error handling and troubleshooting capabilities. To take advantage of these upgrade features, see the steps below.

Steps to Upgrade to Compressed Uploads:

To use Compressed versus Standard uploading:
  1. Stop any Upload Application Scan Data to TEM Server policy actions.
  2. Clean up your existing upload directory:
    1. On the TEM server, open a command prompt and cd to the directory where the Upload Manager files are stored.
      For example (the default location):
      c:\> cd "C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\UploadManagerData\BufferDir\sha1"
    2. Type the command that will traverse the subdirectories and delete the existing DSS SAM exe search files: c:\> del /s exesearch*.*
      Note: The exe search files will be recreated the next time the SAM Scanner task and the subsequent Upload task run on your endpoints.
  3. Deploy a new Upload Application Scan Data to TEM Server action using the Compressed Upload action option.

    Note: As a best practice, deploy the upload action as either Compressed or Standard to all computers -- do not mix the two modes in a single deployment.

    Note: When using compressed scan file uploads, the import log contains erroneous warnings about malformed exe scan data, such as "Malformed data in file for ComputerID #" or "Empty file for computerID #". These messages are typically harmless -- the decompressed inventory data from your computers will appear correctly in DSS SAM

Steps to Upgrade your Previous SAM Scanner:

  1. In the DSS SAM Dashboard Deploy menu, select Upgrade SAM Scanner.
  2. Schedule a policy action targeted at all computers. This will be relevant only on computers where the previous version of the SAM Scanner is present.
  3. To ensure that the latest SAM Scanner is deployed to all new computers that may appear in your deployment, first stop any existing Install SAM Scanner policy actions.
  4. Deploy a new Install SAM Scanner policy action to all computers.

  5. Note:: The last 2 steps above are only applicable if you have open Install SAM Scanner action.

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