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How do I enable TCP/IP connections for SQL on the TEM Server?

Technote (troubleshooting)


The TEM Console when launched from the TEM Server machine displays the the error message: "A connection to the "BES_EnterpriseServer" database could not be established."

Resolving the problem

If you can successfully load the TEM Console when launched from the TEM Server but receive the following error message when connecting from a remote computer:

A connection to the "BES_EnterpriseServer" database could not be established. This probably means that either your network connection or that of the database server is down, or the database server is not running

It may be caused by TCP/IP being disabled for Microsoft SQL Server. TCP/IP is disabled by default on new installations of SQL 2005.

To enable TCP/IP or check your current configuration, please follow these steps:

SQL 2000
1. Open the SQL Server Network utility on the SQL Server.
2. If TCP/IP is listed in the 'Disabled protocols' list, select it and click the 'Enable' button.
3. Press 'Apply'.
4. Restart SQL Server.

SQL 2005
1. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager on the SQL Server. This tool is found in the
'Configuration Tools' section of the All Programs menu.
2. Expand the 'SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration' filter.
3. Select the 'Protocols for MSSQLSERVER' option.
4. You should now have an option for TCP/IP on the right-hand side of the tool. If it is set to
'Disabled', right-click TCP/IP and select the 'Enable' option.
5. Restart SQL Server.

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