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Why do I get a popup referencing "_noselection.html" message when logging into my system?

Technote (troubleshooting)


Applying patch MS09-034 on some systems, when logging in to the system prior to rebooting, users might see the following message: "Name: _noselection.html..."

Resolving the problem

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Name: _noselection.html

Type: HTML Document, 47 bytes

From:C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\__BESData\__UISession\0\

The BigFIx Client log file has the following (similar) entry:
At 17:51:55 -0400 -
User interface process unable to launch (22.1245) for user ''. Retrying every 30
User interface process started for user 'UserName'
The issue is with the blank user entry (i.e. user ''.) first line in the log file entry above.

If rebooting the system does not solve the problem and you are not using offers/dashboards, then you can disable the ClientUI's use of Internet Explorer by setting _BESClient_ActionManager_HasMainDialog to "0".

In addition, Internet Explorer does not appear to function correctly during this time. To clear the error and enable IE to function correctly, customers indicate that simply rebooting the system will resolve the issue.

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