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TEM Client logfile rotation

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Log rotation specifics for the client logs.

Resolving the problem

As soon as the logfile for a TEM Cilent reaches 128K, the TEM Client will rename it with an extension of .bkg and then start a new logfile. If that logfile as well reaches 128K the BES Client will not overwrite the .bkg file but will instead delete the logfile in order not to take up too much disk space on the TEM Client, and will begin a new logfile. Because of this behavior, on very busy days for the TEM Client, there can be gaps between the logfiles.

In addition, logfiles are by default retained for 10 days

To retain all of the client information, you can enable client debugging. To turn on debug logging through the TEM Console, follow the instructions in the Task in the TEM Console called: "BES Client Setting: Enable Debug Logging".

Further information can be found in this KB article: Collecting Data for the IBM BigFix Client

Note: earlier revisions of TEM Clients retained a .bkg file as the most recent log activity, rather than the first log activity of the day.

Note: BES 7.0 increases the default logfile size from 128K to 512K. The specific value can be set using the TEM Client setting _BESClient_Log_MaxSize. For information regarding how to enable client settings, please refer to the following: TEM Configuration Settings

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