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Required Information to collect when contacting IBM Support regarding an issue with IBM BigFix product.

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Required Information when requesting assistance from IBM Support for IBM BigFix issues:

If you need to open a case with IBM Support regarding the IBM BigFix products, please gather the following information and data. In addition, please send any other details details that may help Support more efficiently help you in determining the cause of the problem you are experiencing:

  • PMR#:
    If not already included in your request, please provide the PMR number for your issue.
  • Description:
    Provide a thorough description of the problem (all the symptoms) you are experiencing.
  • Component Versions:
    Include the versions of all the BigFix components involved in the problem: Server/Console/Web Reports, Relay(s), Client(s), SUA, ILMT, TEMA SCA, etc.
  • Content Details:
    If you are having problems with specific content, please advise the type of content that is problematic (fixlet, task, baseline, analysis, property, etc.), and the ID, Name, Site, and Site Version for the specific problematic content. You may be asked to export the specific content from the console to a .bes file and upload it to the PMR.
  • Action Details:
    If you are having problems with an action, please provide the ID, Name, Issue Date/Time, Issuing Operator Name and Operator Type (master operator / non-master operator). Also, provide the Action Info information for the action from one of the problematic endpoints. To do this, in the action double click on one of the problematic computers reporting its action status. The Action Info will provide Support with the Status, Start Time, End Time, Exit Code, as well as the status for each executed line of the action's action script commands.
  • Expected / Actual Behaviors:
    Describe the behavior you are expecting from the product if the product was working for you and then describe the actual behavior the product is exhibiting.
  • Steps / Error Messages / Screen shots:
    Provide the steps you are taking leading up to the problem occurring, any error messages experienced, and screen shots of each of the steps and error messages.
  • Changes leading up to problem:
    Provide details regarding any changes that have occurred in the BigFix deployment environment (including changes to any software, hardware, networking infrastructures, additions of any proxies and firewalls, and/or changes to settings/configurations leading up to the problem that may have caused the issue.)
  • Time frame:
    Date/Time that the problem started and ended, is the problem or condition occurring?
  • Scope of Issue:
    Is the issue isolated to single endpoint (system), a few endpoints, or all endpoints? Part of the enterprise network? Part of the enterprise network serviced by a small specific set of your BigFix relays? Is the problem unique to endpoint OS platform type (i.e. only Windows machines)?
  • Impact of Issue:
    What part of the product (if any) have you lost functionality in and how is it impacting your IT/business activities (e.g. does this issue prevent patching a particular group of systems?)
  • Resolve Attempts:
    Describe any actions you have taken in an attempt to solve the issue.

Available logging and machine data to collect:

Depending on the issue, you may need to collect the following additional data from each of the following BigFix components:

Products Related to BigFix:

Uploading Your Data:

Data Collection: Sending data to your PMR.

Contacting IBM BigFix Support:
Please refer to the following:
For additional information on how Support works at IBM please refer to the following Support Handbook:

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