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MDT Bundle files or OSD images stay marked as "Upload in progress"

Technote (troubleshooting)


File status is managed by a utility on the TEM server which must be set up before file status will change.

Resolving the problem

Once the server utility is set up, file status will update on the server automatically. Consoles may need to be refreshed in order to see the updates quickly.

To set up the utility, from the TEM Console:

  1. Navigate to Systems Lifecycle > OS Deployment > Setup.
  2. Run the "Install BES Server Plugin Service" Task if it is present. If it is not, this server already has the Server Plugin Service.
  3. Verify BES Server Plugin has been installed and setup properly

  4. Run the "BES Server: Install BES Upload Maintenance Service for OS Deployment" Task. This Fixlet message is dependent on the Server Plugin Service, and may take a moment to become relevant if the Server Plugin Service was recently installed.
  5. After these tasks are complete, the service will update the server database automatically. You may need to refresh the Console in order to see the updates quickly.

Note: If the database is on a different computer as the TEM Server Plugin Service AND you used the "NT Authentication" option when you initially installed the TEM Server, then you will need to go to your Windows Services dialog (Administrative Tool > Services) and change the login user of the TEM Server Plugin Service to be a Windows user that has access to the remote database (you can use the same user that the TEM FillDB and TEM GatherDB services user). (This is the most common configuration for remote databases if they are members of an Active Directory domain.).

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