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Mac computer image with pre-installed TEM Client

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How do I create a computer image with a TEM Client pre-installed on it, for the Mac?

Resolving the problem

To include the TEM Client on a Mac computer image that will be used multiple times, please perform the following steps:

  1. Install the TEM Client on the computer that will be imaged. After installation, the TEM Client will "register" with the TEM Server and will write certain preferences and files to the hard drive after registration. These will need to be removed.
  2. Stop the TEM Client using the following command:

  3. For default install of TEM versions less than 8.2:
    sudo systemstarter stop BESClient
    For default install of TEM versions equal or greater than 8.2:
    /Library/BESAgent/ -stop
  4. Remove "RegCount", "ReportSequenceNumber", and "ComputerId" (if they exist) from the client preferences which can be located in the following default directory:

  5. "\Library/Preferences/com.bigfix.besagent.plist"
  6. Delete the "__BESData" folder , it can be located in the following default directory:
    "\Library\Application Support\BigFix\BES Agent"
  7. The TEM Client is now ready to be imaged. (Note: If the computer is restarted or if the TEM Client is started for any reason, the TEM Client will re-register and you will need to perform the steps above again.

Note: The TEM Server has built-in conflict detection and resolution so if for any reason you fail to perform the above steps, the TEM Server will notice that there are multiple TEM Clients with the same ComputerID and force the TEM Client to re-register and everything will work normally. However, we do recommend you perform the steps above to avoid having a grayed-out TEM Client (the first imaged computer) in the computer list in the TEM Console.

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