How to extract a Process Template from an Existing Project Area

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How do you extract a process from an existing Project Area in IBM Rational Team Concert?


Extracting the process from a project area will create a process template which can be imported and used during the creation of additional project areas.


To extract the process from a project area, apply the following steps:

  1. In the Team Artifacts view of the eclipse client, right-click a project area and click Extract Process Template.
  2. A wizard will open to extract the process template into the repository.

  3. Provide a process ID and Name for your process template

  4. Click Finish

  5. The newly created process template will open in the Eclipse client.

  6. Navigate to Window -> Show View -> Process Templates

  7. Right click on the process template you just created

  8. Select 'Export'. This will save the process template locally on your machine.
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