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The History view in the Java client does not show links since upgrading to Rational Synergy release 7.1

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Attempts to view the History of a project in a Java client does not show links since upgrading to release 7.1 of IBM Rational Synergy.


When you view the history of a project in release 7.1 you will see the project objects but there will not be links between project versions.

The same history when viewed in releases prior to 7.1 will show the projects and the links between them. In release 7.1 the Classic client history view will show links.


The History View for projects has changed.

This issue was identified as a product defect and logged under APAR PM09335.

From release 7.1, the baseline_project relationship is used to determine the history as shown by the Rational Synergy History view in the Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Rational Synergy History in the Command Line Interface(CLI). The history_link attribute which is used by the History View applies to all projects in the database, no matter what their status or when they were updated.

Note: This change was only made to the Rational Synergy Java GUI and Rational Synergy Java CLI. The Classic Client uses the traditional view as it was not modified. The Classic client is not available from release 7.2.

Detailed explanation

Beginning with Rational Synergy, the history_link attribute which is used by the History View is set on the project cvtype object, so it applies to all projects in the database, no matter what their status or when they were updated.

By default the baseline_project relationship is used between a baseline project and another project to determine the link.

If older static projects don't have a baseline project, then they will appear in the History View with no predecessor link. Creating a new Baseline object for those projects would not update the History View, because it will not create new baseline projects in the Baseline from static projects.

Diagnosing the problem

To see the effect of the change in release 7.1 you can compare the History view of a project in the Java client and in the Classic Client.

Resolving the problem

At this stage there are a number of things you can do:

Solution #1: Do nothing. If you retain this change and do nothing then as you continue to create new project versions and baselines the new relationships will be created and the History view will display them correctly.

Solution #2: Reverse this change to the History View. To revert to the older project history view format use follow the steps. Note: If you chose to do this then it might not be compatible with new features in future releases. As this is a change to a standard type it may be overwritten with future releases. Steps:

  1. Start a CLI session on the database to be changed

  2. Switch to admin role:

    ccm set role ccm_admin

  3. Query for the project cvtype:

    ccm query -t cvtype -n project

  4. Show the history_link text attribute on the project cvtype:

    ccm attr -s history_link @1

    The factory default is:


  5. Delete the history_link attribute from the project cvtype:

    ccm attr -d history_link @1

  6. Stop the CLI session:

    ccm stop

  7. Refresh the database:

    ccmdb refresh <database_path>

Solution #3: Update static project relationships. It may be possible to create the new type of relationship between your existing static projects and then have the History display them correctly. This is a detailed process and you should contact IBM Rational Client Support for assistance.

Note: When using the new history view, you might experience errors such as "WARNING: Could not identify baseline project for <project> matching baseline selection criteria of process rule", depending on how your database history was built overtime. For more details on this specific symptom, please contact IBM Rational Client Support.

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