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Creating custom reports results in "The report did not return any information" error

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Attempts to run a custom a report results in the error "The report did not return any information." when using IBM Rational System Architect XT.


When running a report in Rational System Architect XT, the user may see the following behaviour:

  • The following error is seen:

    The report did not return any information.  If you believe the report should contain information, please check with your administrator, check the report content or check the data exists

  • Hyperlinks are generated as text instead. They do not seem to be translated.

Reports when run in System Architect (SA) desktop or in the reader mode of SAXT do return information as expected.


There are a number of possible causes to the message from IBM Rational System Architect XT:

    1. No data selected: The encyclopedia being used in IBM Rational System Architect XT does not contain the data that matches the criteria specified in the report

    2. System Architect Catalog Manager: The user has logged in as a Reader and the Administrator has not used the "Publish Optimized XT Reader Views" from System Architect Catalog Manager

    3. Incorrect syntax: There is a problem with the syntax in the report file (RPT)

    4. Locale: The "locale" regional settings is a non English locale The locale is usually picked up from the system locale. The system has Local regional settings, for example Spanish regional settings in Microsoft Windows. SA converted to a locale using the <code>Locale</code> in the <code>SA2001.ini</code> file. SAXT uses a different <code>SA2001.ini</code> file that is re-created every time a new SAXT session starts. Therefore the locale settings set from the existing <code>sa2001.ini</code> file are not getting picked up.

Diagnosing the problem

Check the following:

  • Check your report should return results
  • Check the System Architect Catalog Manager
  • Check the syntax of the report
  • Check your locale settings for Microsoft Windows and Rational System Architect.

Resolving the problem

Apply one of the solutions below based on the problem experienced:

No data selected

    The encyclopedia which is being used may not meet the report criteria which was specified in the report file. To verify, please run the same report using the Report Generator from IBM Rational System Architect to verify that you are getting results.

System Architect Catalog Manager

    Have the Administrator log into the IBM Rational System Architect Catalog Manager and do the following:
    1. Log into the SQL Server where the Catalog is located
    2. Go to Permission Mapping and select the encyclopedia
    3. Highlight the Encyclopedia name from the browser on the left side
    4. Right-click on the Encyclopedia Name and select Publish Optimized XT Reader Views
    5. Reopen the encyclopedia using IBM Rational System Architect XT and verify if you're able to see the desired results

Incorrect Syntax

    If you're getting this message as an Updater in IBM Rational System Architect XT, then there may be a syntax problem with one of the reports in the RPT file. Create a new RPT file and paste each report one by one and run the report in IBM Rational System Architect XT every time a report is added. This will help narrow down which report may be causing the problem in the RPT file.


    For the reports to return information you must ensure all users of SAXT pick up the correct locale (for example, Spanish) setting. Add the following line to the <code>[SYSTEM ARCHITECT]</code> section of the <code>SA2001.mst</code> file in the SA installation folder:


    For the <code>SA2001.mst</code> file, you may use the same regional codes for the <code>Locale</code> as are used for the <code>sa2001.ini</code> file. They can be found in the SA help at Enabling localized user interfaces.

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