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How to allow Mac OSx to use Redundant license?

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I have setup 3 servers for my redundant licenses. All my Windows machines are able to see the license fine. The Mac OSx does not. It works if I only use one IP in client SPSSPROD.inf DaemonHost which defeated the purpose of the redundant license. I also do not want my client to use the IPs, instead, I want to use the server's name. Can this be done on a Mac OSx? If so, How?


Mac OSx client can't see the all of the redundant license on the servers.


Client Mac OSx, Server 2003

Resolving the problem

This problem has been reported to IBM SPSS Statistics Development and will be addressed in a future release. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please follow the steps below to a workaround this issue:

Edit the spssprod.inf and make sure DaemonHost must be blank, and the list of license manager servers must appear in the LSHOST environment variable.  

1. On the Client Mac OSx, open the Terminal command

2.Change to Statistics 19 install directory

3.Edit and all you do is add a line at the very end of the file that reads:

export LSHOST=Lic1:Lic2:Lic3

where Lic1, Lic2, Lic3 are the server addresses of the machines running the license managers.

Please send in your spssprod.inf and Environment.plist if you still encounter the issue.

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