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Opening a Rational DOORS module with a Rational Change template gives a DXL error about the file

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Attempts to open an IBM Rational DOORS module with an IBM Rational Change template result in error "DXL: <Line:1> could not open include file (standard/changemgnt/utils/
(No such file or directory)".


When any formal DOORS module is opened the following error message appears:

DXL: <Line:1> could not open include file (standard/changemgnt/utils/

(No such file or directory)


A newer version of DOORS was installed (for example DOORS 9.3) and upgraded the template.

  • With the DOORS-Change integration 5.7 and DOORS 9.2... the integration files are copied in: Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\dxl\addins\synergy\Utils\
  • With DOORS 9.3, the DOORS-Change integration is part of DOORS and files are copied in: Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\dxl\standard\changemgnt\utils\


IBM Rational DOORS and the DOORS-Change integration: iFix003

Resolving the problem

There are two ways to resolve this problem:

Procedure to solve the problem:

  1. Open the module as Read-Only

  2. Go to View > Manage Views, and delete the RCR Attrs View and IR Attrs View

  3. Turn the integration off by going to Change Management > Configure Module

  4. Go to Edit > Attributes, and delete any attributes that start with csintor cmint, then save the module

  5. Note the module ID (For example 000000aa)

  6. Go to <DOORSHOME>\data\conf\u1000001.dir\csint+AF8-<moduleID from step 5> For example: C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\data\conf\u1000001.dir\csint+AF8-000000aa

  7. Delete the .vconfig files; (rcrStatus.vconfig and irStatus.vconfig) Please note that by deleting these .vconfig files, the custom attributes mapping defined will be removed and you will need to redefine the custom attributes mapping.

  8. Turn the integration back On.


  1. Manually create folders changemgnt\utils
  2. Copy the from Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\dxl\addins\synergy\Utils\ to Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\dxl\standard\changemgnt\utils\]

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