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Unable to connect to admin database with IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to login using Taskmaster Web or another Datacap executable, and error occurs stating that the user is unable to connect to the admin database.


The application is not correctly configured.

Resolving the problem

To resolve, do the following:

  • Ensure the application name is the same and each character is of the same case in all locations.
    • On the shared drive, usually the Taskmaster Server - \datacap\Datacap.xml, \datacap\appName\ Use a text editor to view these files.
  • Ensure \datacap\datacap.xml has the retry attribute <k name="tms" ip="" port="2402" retry="3"/>.
  • On the web server check \datacap\\apps.ini.
    • In the following example, ensure the DateTimeSeparator is set to an apostrophe (') for SQL or Oracle, and that Oracle=1 for Oracle. It should not include connection strings. Also ensure the application name is correct and each character has the correct case.
  • Ensure the Taskmaster Application Manager’s Service tab points to the shared \datacap.xml unless the Datacap.xml and appName.xml files are duplicated locally on the web server.
  • If using Datacap.xml on a shared drive, ensure the user set as the identity of the Application Pool has permission to the share and to read the files.
  • Taskmaster Client and Quattro
    • Ensure the user set as the identity of the Application Pool has permission to the share and to read the files.
  • Taskmaster Server
    • The Windows user specified to run the Datacap Taskmaster Server Service is generally the only user that connects to the admin and engine databases. The clients read the connection strings from and pass them to Taskmaster Server.
  • If everything looks correct:
    • Create a Taskmaster Server log. Look for the connection string that was used. See if there are errors explaining why the connection failed. Test a thick client application on the Taskmaster Server machine using a local Administrator account.
    • Use the included demo applications e.g. APT, that use Microsoft Access databases to identify the problem as related to connecting to the admin and engine databases.
    • Applications such as APT store additional connection strings and file locations in the following files. These paths and connection strings will not be used for the admin, or engine databases when logging into a client. The best practice is to store connection strings and file locations using the Taskmaster Application Manager.
      • \datacap\appName\dco_appName\paths.ini
      • \datacap\appName\dco_appName\settings.ini

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