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Volume history file missing or corrupt on version 7 server

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How can the version 7 Tivoli Storage Manager server database be restored if volume history file is missing or corrupt?


As stated in Tivoli Storage Manager version 7 documentation, the volume history file is required to restore the server database. Tivoli Storage Manager has a component called Disaster Recovery Manager. Here is the Disaster Recover Manager link in user's guide:
When using this feature you create what is called the "recovery plan". The following link discusses the recovery plan file:

The recovery plan file stores information about the server that will be used during recovery processing. The volume history file is backed up as part of the recovery plan. If you need to restore the database and have no volume history file, you can copy the volume history from the recovery file and create a new volume history file that will be used to restore the database

To create a new volume history file do the following:

1) Copy the stanza for the full database backup ( from the recovery plan) that you want to use to restore. Here is an example of a full backup stanza from the volume history file:

* Sequential Volume Usage History
* Updated 01/06/12 07:00:14
Operation Date/Time: 2012/01/06 07:00:14

* Location for volume volname is: ''
Database Backup LLA: FULL_BACKUP.20120106070014.1
Database Backup HLA: /NODE0000/
Volume Name: "HP0019L4" <== need volume name
Backup Series: 0
Backup Op: 0
Volume Seq: 1
Device Class Name: MSLDC <== need new dev class
Database Backup ID: 0 , 0
Database Backup Home Position: 5
Database Backup Total Data Bytes : x1 , x2
Database Backup Total Log Bytes: y1 , y2
Database Backup Log Block Number: z1 , z2

To create the volume history file you can copy the stanza from the recovery plan and create a new volume history file that will be used to restore the database. The default location of the volume
history file are:

  • For Unix the default is.../server/bin.
  • For Windows default is ...tivoli/tsm/server1.
These are default locations, yours may be different

The restore db command should now work.

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