Complimentary IBM Education Assistant modules for Security SiteProtector System

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What online education is available for the SiteProtector product?


The IBM Education Assistant (IEA) integrates narrated presentations, Teach Me Demonstrations, tutorials, and resource links to help you successfully configure and use IBM software products. You can find this content on the IEA site under the Security SiteProtector System heading.

The information provided in the IEA is role and task based to demonstrate how to accomplish "specific" tasks in your software product(s). The term coined for this is "Just in Time" training.

IEA consists of:

  • Presentations - Technical overviews that provide background on a topic (some are audio enabled)
  • Teach Me Demos - guided demonstrations that show how to complete a specific task
  • Tutorials - step-by-step instructions to follow for completing a task
  • Additional reading material - links that organize product documentation, Redbooks, and whitepapers

  • Document information

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    IBM Security SiteProtector System

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    2.0 SP 8.1, 2.9

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