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History data for agents located across different TimeZones

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How to retrieve historical data for agents located across different TimeZones?


If an agent is located in a TZ four hours ahead of the hub TEMS's TZ, then when trying to retrieve historical data at TEPS specifying last <xx> hours, the rows returned are relative to <xx> hours from the hub's TZ instead of the agent's. The problem is worse when an agent is located in behind the hub; in this case, pulling the last <xx> hours might show a blank page, since if <xx> is less than difference in hours between the hub's and agent's TZs, it will be pulling data it thins isn't yet collected.
No ITM products adequately handle the time zone concept. When historical data is collected, it is stamped with the local time where it was collected. And TEMS's don't know what TZ all connected systems live in either. So when a TEMS receives a historical data request, it does not adjust the start and end times to reflect any TZ offset. The CNPS is a little smarter by synching with the hub's local time and setting the start and end times on a historical request based on that time, but this is of no real benefit.


The only two available options for retrieving historical data corresponding to an Agent's TZ are:

1) manually accommodate for the TZ in the Calendar Widget in the time span query UI (present under the "Custom" area)

2) issue a custom query similar to one issued while retrieving historical data, and use WRITETIME instead of TIMESTAMP. In this way, you can retrieve data corresponding to the WRITETIME at the agent and not the TIMESTAMP at the TEMS/TEPS.

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