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Statistics Server not accessible to Statistics Client

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I have installed SPSS Statistics Server without apparent issue but am unable to connect Statistics Client after starting the server process.

In some cases the server process is not running after having launched it while in other cases it is running, but the Statistics Client simply cannot connect.


Unable to connect Statistics Client to Statistics Server.

Resolving the problem

The statisticsd.conf file (found in the installation folder of your Statistics Server installation on Windows and in the bin subfolder on *nix platforms) sets many of the basic settings required for the server to start. If any incorrect changes are made to this file it may prevent the server from loading, often without any errors being displayed to indicate the problem. If you have made changes to this file and the server worked before those changes, consider removing those changes and testing the server again.

One setting that does often need to be configured for normal operation is the "listenconnect" setting. This controls the network adapter and port the server attempts to bind to when it starts.

1) Edit statisticsd.conf


<listenconnect desc="Overriding parameters for the listening socket of the server" value=""/>


<listenconnect desc="Overriding parameters for the listening socket of the server" value="inet:<ip_addr>:<port>"/>

where <ip_addr> is ip address of machine: example:

where <port> is port that statistics server should listen: example: 3019


<listenconnect desc="Overriding parameters for the listening socket of the server" value="inet:"/>

2) Restart the server

Having an incorrectly configured or blank listenconnect can either prevent the server from properly loading at all or can cause it to bind to an undesired network adapter (such as the local loop back adapter For many environments using the IP can be used which will cause the server to bind to all network adapters. If that is undesired (or doesn't work) then a specific IP can be used such as in the example above.

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