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Meaning of KRZ_RDB_Inst_InActive_Crit situation

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What is the meaning of KRZ_RDB_Inst_InActive_Crit situation, and what is the difference with KRZ_Database_Inactive_Crit?


If an Oracle Database instance is shut down, you see the KRZ_Database_Inactive_Crit situation is fired, but not the KRZ_RDB_Inst_InActive_Crit, so you wonder about their difference, and in particular about the meaning of KRZ_RDB_Inst_InActive_Crit.


Basically these two situations work at a different level.

KRZ_RDB_Inst_InActive_Crit is used to monitor the Database RAC Instance status in an Oracle RAC cluster environment, while KRZ_Database_Inactive_Crit is used to monitor the database status.
If the agent loses database connection to the target database because either the single Oracle database instance is down or all RAC instances are down, then the agent cannot get the instance level info as it cannot run the query on the gv$instance view. In this case only KRZ_Database_Inactive_Crit is fired, and all other situations (including memory, tablespace, etc) cannot be fired as the agent cannot get any data.

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