SA IOM V2.1.1 Upgrade

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IMPORTANT notice - When upgrading to System Automation for Integrated Operations Management V2.1.1 - TAKE BACKUPS


Please read the following information carefully and take the appropriate action.
The update of SA IOM 2.1 with the refreshpack RP1, will delete all additional user data from the directories: <install_dir>\"IBM\SA IOM\config" and <install_dir>\"IBM\SA IOM\scripts".

This means that ALL configuration data and ALL self written scripts will be no longer available after the update without taking the action below.

To save the data, a manual backup and restore is necessary.

Perform the following two steps to circumvent this problem:

1. Before updating with refreshpack 2.1.1, 0 RP1, backup the content of directories:

<install_dir>\"IBM\SA IOM\config"


<install_dir>\"IBM\SA IOM\scripts" to a save place.

2. After upgrading the product with the refreshpack RP1, restore the content of both directories back to its original place.

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