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This technote contains answers to commonly asked questions about IBM SmartCloud Notes. The primary audience is Company Administrators of SmartCloud Notes hybrid or service-only environments. This resource will grow as more common questions are identified.


Common Password & ID Vault Issues
1 What should users do if they forget the password they use to log on to the service from a web browser? Contact your Administrator and/or help desk, who have the ability to reset your password for you. That person who resets should communicate to you the new temporary password. Once you know it, you will use the temporary password for one logon only, and you are then prompted to reset your password to something of your own choosing. You must change the temporary password within 30 days of the reset.
Also see Logging in to IBM Connections Cloud from a web browser.
2 Why does the following error occur when attempting to login to SmartCloud Notes, "ID in Vault has expired download time"?
This issues can be resolved by first resetting the user's Notes ID password and then by having the user login within 5 days of their password being reset. The cause of the error is described below.

For Web users, the error occurs because the user did not access their account within 5 days of their password last being reset.

For Notes client users, the error occurs if users do not connect to a mail server in the service within 5 days of the SmartCloud Notes subscription being created.

For more details, see the following resources:
3 What's the maximum password age? Are users notified near password expiration? Password expiration depends on which client is used to log on to the service.
Common Account Issues (Creation, Deletion, Logins)
1 How can a previously deleted user account be re-created? In a service-only environment:
-User accounts deleted within 7 days of the date that the SmartCloud Notes subscription was added should be able to be re-created by a company administrator without error.
-For accounts that were deleted more then seven days after the addition of the SmartCloud Notes subscription, the account should be able to be recreated after 30 days from the point of deletion.

In a hybrid environment:
-User accounts can be re-created after 30 days from the point of deletion.

For more information, see Deleting a user account (service-only environment or Deleting a user (hybrid environment).
2 Why does the following error occur when trying to create a new account?

"Error 1003: You are not authorized to access that resource. Please verify you are using the proper User ID and try again. Return to home."
Primary common cause:
Within 30 days a user was deleted and another user was created with the same CN (common name). It is possible to create the new user with an alternative DN (distinguished name) to avoid the CN name conflict with the recently deleted user. If the new account must be created with the same CN as the deleted account, contact IBM Support or revoke the user account. After revoking the account, a user account with the same CN may be created. To learn more, see Removing the data associated with a deleted user account (service-only) or
Removing the data associated with a deleted user account (hybrid)

Secondary common cause:
Directory synchronization fails. The Company Admin should perform the steps outlined in the following wiki article - User provisioning appears successful but user cannot log on
3 What documentation is available for additional login related problems? See technote #1496881 - SmartCloud Notes user cannot log on
Common Mail & Messaging Issues
1 What can cause a Notes client user to receive the Error: "mail file does not exist"? The error is likely due to the user's Location document containing either and incorrect mail file name and/or an incorrect path to the mail file.

Review the Mail tab within the user's Location document. Specifically, check the "Mail file" field for the following:
  • Make sure the field contains the correct mail file name. The mail file name and server can be determined by the company administrator, on the SmartCloud Notes Administration page, by reviewing the user's account.
  • Make sure the field contains the correct full path to the mail file.
2 Can users (who are using the Notes client) create server-based replicas of non-mail databases? No. Users will receive a “You are not authorized” error if they attempt to create a replica on the SmartCloud Notes server.
3 How can users mark a message as SPAM via SmartCloud Notes web client? From the menu, select More -> Deliver Sender's Mail to Junk.
create a Quick Rule to filter messages by criteria such as subject

Note: Companies for whom the service manages inbound Internet routing have additional email filter and spam reporting options. See Configuring email filters and reporting, located in the service-only product documentation.
4 What can I do if a user sees an "Illegal circular USE" error when using mail? When some folders in a mail file use a different template design than system folders such as the Inbox, users may see this error, or other problems such as Sender Colors set through mail preferences not working as expected. For steps to correct the problem, see technote 1515950, "Illegal circular USE" or other error when using mail in SmartCloud Notes. (applies to users who are using the Notes client)
Common Mobile & Remote Connectivity Issues
1 If a user receives the error “server cannot be found” when trying to access mail from home, what’s the likely cause? To gain access to mail files on SmartCloud Notes servers from home, users must first establish a connection to their company’s network.
2 Is it possible to connect to SmartCloud Notes using a mobile device’s IMAP or POP3 client? POP3 from mobile devices is not supported.

Access from an IMAP client is supported, however. For more information, see Configuring IMAP access (hybrid environment) or Configuring IMAP access (service-only environment).

3 Is it possible to access SmartCloud Notes via a mobile device’s Web browser? Yes. Using a browser on your mobile device, go to and log in with your service logon password. Then switch the Web client to ultralight mode.
4 User receives "Server cannot be found" error when attempting to access mail from home This error commonly occurs if a VPN connection is not established but is required to connect the user's remote computer and their company's network. The administrator should first work with the user to establish that connection and then confirm the user can remotely access both SmartCloud Notes and non-SmartCloud Notes servers on the company network.

If the error occurs after a successful VPN connection is established, the administrator should provide a Trace Report taken from the user's computer (steps below), a screenshot of the error message, and a screenshot of the Mail tab of the user's Location document. These may be sent in an email to Support, if Support is engaged.

Steps to perform a Trace Report:
1. Select File > Preferences > Notes Ports > TCPIP , then click Trace
2. Select the LLN mail server in the Destination field, then click Trace
3. Click Copy -> Done -> OK
4. Paste trace info to a message

Additional Reference:
Help topic: To trace a connection
5 Is there suggested documentation for general Troubleshooting and Setup help for mobile devices when using SmartCloud Notes Traveler. wiki article: Troubleshooting & Known Limitations for each mobile device
wiki article: Notes Traveler
6 How can I resolve issues with duplicate contacts appearing for SmartCloud users who synchronize their mail file with a BlackBerry device? First, disable the "Allow Duplicate Names" setting on the BlackBerry device.

And then use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to delete all contacts from the BlackBerry to synchronize again.

For more detailed steps and screenshots, see the following wiki article: Duplicate entries appear in $Contacts view for Notes users synchronizing with BlackBerry
Common Calendar, Notebook, ToDo List Issues
1 How can web users delegate mail or calendar scheduling to someone else? 1. From SmartCloud Notes web mail, click More > Preferences

2. Click Delegation

3. Select the person or group you wish to delegate to.

2 How can users synchronize a notebook between Notes clients and SmartCloud Notes Web clients? From the Notes client, select Actions > iNotes > Synchronize Notebook

3 Can users share Notebook content without using mail file delegation? No, mail delegation is required to allow others to view notebook entries.
Common Notes client issues
1 Various errors may be displayed during a Notes client installation if a previous Notes client installation was started but cancelled before completion on the same computer. Before attempting to install the Notes client again on that computer please complete the following steps to ensure the previous installation process is completely cleaned.
2 A SmartCloud Notes user is unable to connect to their mail file from the Lotus Notes client, can the client Trace facility be utilized to help narrow down the problem? Yes, in the Notes client, click File > Preferences > Notes Ports. Click the Trace button in the dialog box. The Trace Connections dialog box appears.

In the Destination field, type the name of the user's mail server. For example, Testmail/LNNTest.
Choose Full trace information and for Notes log options, select Full trace information.
Click Trace to begin the trace route to the users mail server.

The Trace Information details can be utilized by the Company Administrator and IBM Support to better assess the particular connection problem.

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