How can I obtain the CLI password for my Guardium Appliance.

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How can I obtain the CLI password for my Guardium Appliance.


For newer machines supplied from 2011 onwards

For older machines
    In order to obtain the initial CLI password from the IBM Guardium Technical Support Team :-

    Please give us any of the following information for the appliance along with a brief explanation for needing the CLI password.
      • Serial Number
      • Service Tag *
      • MAC Address *

    With this information IBM Technical Support can give you the initial CLI password for the specific Appliance.

    Take note that if you have changed the initial password and since forgotten it, IBM Technical Support can still help you.

    * If you don't know your Service Tag or MAC Address then look at the back of your appliance for the "Serial number" or send all the numbers you find on the back of your Appliance.

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