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IBM Business Process Manager Process Engine 5.0 might encounter the error "[FNRPE2130660029E]Unable to instantiate remote object" during upgrades.

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IBM Business Process Manager Process Engine 5.0 might encounter the following error message during a Interim Fix phase 3 of an upgrade: "A remote host refused an attempted connect operation".


The following similar error might be logged in the VWUpgrade_system.log file:
2011/05/09 16:54:13.986-0700 26971:VWUpgrade [Info] Completed phase 2 of upgrade.
2011/05/09 16:54:13.990-0700 26971:VWUpgrade [Info] Starting phase 3 of upgrade.
2011/05/09 16:54:14.009-0700 26971:VWUpgrade [Info] Transferring upgrade.cdl to all regions
2011/05/09 16:54:14.024-0700 26971:VWUpgrade [Info] Transfering /opt/FileNet/ProcessEngine/upgrade.cdl to region 1 (1 of 1 regions)...
2011/05/09 16:54:14.322-0700 26971:VWUpgrade Reg#1 [Info] JPEORBParams =,32777,null,,null,10,100
2011/05/09 16:54:14.355-0700 26971:VWUpgrade Reg#1 [Error] FNRPE2130660029E Transfer failed with file /opt/FileNet/ProcessEngine/upgrade.cdl on region 1; Exception: [FNRPE2130660029E]Unable to instantiate remote object at: "".
at filenet.jpe.rpc.comm.PEServerRPCClient.<init>(
at filenet.jpe.rpc.comm.PEServerRPCClient.getInstance(
at filenet.jpe.rpc.comm.PEServerRPCClient.getInstance(
at filenet.jpe.server.common.FarmRPCClient.RemoteLockSingleRegionForModify(
at filenet.jpe.server.common.IVWServerService.LockAllServersForModify(
at filenet.jpe.server.transfer.TransferObjects.lockForTransfer(
at filenet.jpe.server.transfer.TransferObjects.Transfer(
at filenet.jpe.server.transfer.TransferFile.transfer(
at filenet.jpe.server.transfer.TransferFile.tferToAllRegions(
at filenet.jpe.vwupgrade.VWUpgrade.upgradePhase3(
at filenet.jpe.vwupgrade.VWUpgrade.upgradeServer(
at filenet.jpe.vwupgrade.VWUpgrade.local_main(
at filenet.jpe.vwupgrade.VWUpgrade.main(
Caused by: [FNRPE2131090405E]Unexpected exception -- see chained exception

The above problem occurs because Process Engine requires a minimum of 2 minutes between Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the upgrade process. If Phase 1 and 2 of the upgrade process completes in under 2 minutes, the error occurs. This restriction will be removed in and later.

If you experience this problem, wait at least 2 minutes before attempting phase 3 of the upgrade. To run this phase manually, you can enter the following command at the prompt:
/opt/IBM/FileNet/ProcessEngine/vwupgrade <virtual server name> -U opt/IBM/FileNet/ProcessEngine/data/

Also, see related technote:

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Software version: 5.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 07 December 2016

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